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Leather Machinery is an integral part to leather crafting, especially if you're looking to take it from hobby to business or you're looking to complete more ambitious projects. From sewing machines to clickers and all of their parts, we have amassed a collection of the essentials. This page is dedicated to educating you about the leather machinery that we have, how best to choose your products and information on purchasing and using the machine. Below you will find links to all of the categories of machinery that we offer, as well as text and video on the subjects of selecting, paying for and setting up your new equipment. You can find more information about each product on their individual pages and more information about sewing machine techniques on our YouTube channel. Of course, if you still have a question about machinery, feel free to . For more information on financing and international ordering,.

Choosing a leather sewing machine

We're going into detail about all of the things to consider before taking the plunge. Get a more condensed version in the video below! After this, we'll talk about the purchasing!

There are a few things to consider when you are purchasing a sewing machine. First and foremost, no matter where you buy a machine, you need to answer the following questions: Who is going to stand behind the machine? Will you need to ship it overseas to fix it? What is the warranty? Who is the warrantor? Will you be able to communicate with your vendor or warrantor effectively? In other words, consider your cost and convenience.

How handy are you?
You must also decide if you would like to become a sewing machine mechanic of sorts. If you are not adept at fixing things or you're not interested in becoming an expert at repairs, it's in your best interest not to buy a used machine. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with a machine you can't use or you'll be forced to pay for outside help.

Servo Motor and Speed Reducer
A servo motor works a lot like a gas pedal in a car -- the harder you push, the faster you go and so on. Modern machines will even allow you to set a maximum speed so that the machine works just the way you like.
A speed reducer is important, not only for the usefulness of its namesake, because it increases torque. That means you can sew through heavy material even at a low speed. Without a speed reducer, there won't be enough torque to carry your needle through multiple layers of leather without a lot of help from you.
Most used industrial machines come with clutch motors, which do not give you control over the speed: 0 to 100 real quick!

Compound Walking Foot and Geared Roller Foot
A compound walking foot is great because it walks across your material instead of holding pressure on top of your material, which can cause bunching. This walking method makes it great for thick materials as well as thin.
A geared roller foot draws material through with two wheels on top and bottom, giving you a consistent stitch. It also goes over existing stitches better than non-gear driven roller feet.

What do you want to make?
All machines are not created equal! And they all have a specialty. Pick a machine based on what you need to make.
Flatbed Machines - work well for chaps and chinks, wallets, some bags, upholstery, belts, tarps and everyday basic sewing.
Post Machines - great for wallets, bags, upholstery, belts, garments, sewing patches onto jackets, decorative stitching, hard-to-reach stitching and everyday basic sewing.
Heavy Cylinder Arm Machines - great for belts, holsters, sheaths, saddle and tack, tarps and very thick materials.

A Final Word
The machines we carry are ones that we use ourselves. That's why we know so much about them. So, if you have questions about choosing a machine, by all means, come into the store or

Buying your Leather sewing Machine

Now that you know how to pick one, let's talk about the logistics: cost, shipping, financing.

Obviously, we would love for you to buy a machine from us. We offer only new machines at the lowest cost possible. However, we understand that that may not be an option. Nevertheless, we're still here to help! If you're considering buying from another store or if you're buying used, give us a call with any questions or concerns you might have about the machine you're purchasing.

Machines are shipped by truck on a pallet or available for pickup at SLC.
For most machines, (with the exception of the 10-ton clicker press, and the AK-20 strap cutter) freight charges will run from $250.00 up to about $400.00 to a BUSINESS ADDRESS OR SHIPPING HUB. Some machines are less costly to ship, such as the Cobra Burnisher. Of course, there are are destinations that can cause an exception. If you live at 405 Elm street in a small subdivision, it would be best to discuss delivery options before you order. Please give us a call at !

Buying a sewing machine is an investment that will take your craft to the next level! We offer a variety of machines that are suitable for many kinds of work, so be sure to check the descriptions and make the best choice for your craft! If you have questions, give us a call! We love to talk about machinery. SLC also facilitates financing options for those of you that want to get ahead of the curve.

SLC wants you to be successful and have a great experience with whatever machine you purchase. To that end we try to provide the absolute best level of service so as to ensure your success. Before you make your machine purchase, give us a call and chat with our customer service staff or watch one of our many educational videos to determine which machine will be the best investment for your business. It isn’t our goal to sell you the most expensive machine we can but to sell you the RIGHT machine, the first time. Moving leather machinery across the country is not a simple task and getting a machine back that didn’t end up being the right fit for a customer creates grief for everyone involved. To that end, if you find yourself in a situation where you’ve ordered a machine that is not fitting your needs please contact us and we will work with you as far as humanly and reasonably possible to resolve the situation. If you’re willing to work with us, you’ll find us willing to work with you.

Using your Leather Sewing Machine

So! You have answered all of the questions, you've chosen your machine and now you have it! But how do you use it? Check out the video below where Kevin and Rusty talk you through setting up a machine and running you through some scenarios!


This playlist includes instructional videos from Rusty on threading a Cobra Class 20, Cobra Class 26 and Cobra Classes 3 and 4.

Highlead 318 Machine - What's it all about?

See what Kevin has to say about the Highlead 318 Sewing Machine! The Highlead 318 is a flatbed industrial sewing machine with a servo motor and a speed reducer, perfectly suited for medium weight and medium/heavy weight material. It comes complete with a table and features hand and knee presser foot lifts, a compound walking foot, and top and bottom feeding. Great for synthetics, plastics, upholstery and, of course, leather. You won't have to spend much on maintenance for this self-lubricating machine that includes a reverse stitch lever and a stitch length of 1 - 8 mm. Uses thread sizes up to 138 and will sew items from 5/16" - 3/8" (8 - 9.5 mm). Uses needles size DPx17 18-24.

Cobra Class 20 Sewing Machine Build

From time to time we have people that have to take their machine apart for many reasons. So we put this together as a help get your machine back together and hey if you watch it backwards...you can take your machine apart! This would also be similar to the Class 18 as well.

Cobra Class 26 Sewing Machine Build

For even more information on sewing machines and techniques, check out our .