Western Boot Scrap Box - 10lb

Type: Mixed Box
Style: Mix of Oil tans
Size: 10lbs of scraps (.25 sqft to 1.5 sqft per piece)

Thickness: 3-5 oz (1.2 to 2 mm)
This is about the best deal on boot scrap that in quite a while. The leather comes from the leading maker of men’s and women's cowboy boots in this country, and they use every sort of leather that you can imagine! The largest pieces are around 1 ½ sq ft, and the smallest around ¼ sq ft. However, most fall into the ½ to 1 ft range. They use everything from a multitude of vibrant colored kidskin to a wide variety of expensive high embossed cowhides. There are beautiful pieces of oil tans in more colors than can be list. There is even some mad dog goat included, and you may find an occasional piece of elephant, shark, giraffe, ostrich, or some other exotic. The colors are amazing and so is the quality of the leather. Even the smaller pieces are quite nice and useable for making high quality wallet interiors, wallet backs, minimalist wallet faces, and pockets. It’s really some of the most useable remnants that we’ve had in quite a while. You should seriously be able to make money on this deal, and you’ll be glad you got it.

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Great quality and value for price!

Jack petty| 8/25/2022 7:37 pm

Great quality leather, and quite large pieces. Quite a few large enough for a long wallet. And all colors I got are usable. Would definitely order again!

Pleasantly Surprised

Stephanie| 8/21/2022 8:18 am

I didn't know what to expect, though Springfeild Leather has never disappointed me. But this is so good I had to grab another one! I make small items. I bought this to try different types and textures of leather. I received 105 pieces total with only one a hair smaller than my hand. The rest are easily about 3x that, with several, including a piece of ostrich, that are much, much larger. The average size is enough to make a passport cover and some corner page bookmarks, with enough scrap to use for patchwork ornaments. Plenty big enough to make a good variety of items or to use as accents on larger ones. An excellent variety of colors and finishes to create with. At what's essentially $0.30 a piece, you can't go wrong. I can't wait to see what's in the next box!

Best $30 I ever spent You should get one too!!

Ed| 8/19/2022 4:35 pm

What a great deal !!! The box I received was chock full of wallet back size pieces with very little unusable stuff. When I got into the contents I was even more amazed at the variety of leather. The S B Foote stamp was on more than a few of the pieces.

So good, I bought it twice.

Steph| 8/19/2022 8:45 am

There were 105 pieces of the most gorgeous leather in my box. Of all those pieces, only 1 was smaller than my hand (barely), with most being closer to a foot+. I make small items and this will keep me busy for awhile. So many types and colors of leather. Some are so buttery that I can't stop touching them. I'm so impressed with the quality of each piece. I ordered a second box. At less than $0.30 a piece, it's hard to pass up.